Rob Hahn is a St. Paul, Minnesota-based small business owner and entrepreneur. His most recent project is a documentary film entitled “Hi, Gene! Meet The Real Senator McCarthy,” which chronicles the unlikely and historic 1968 presidential campaign of former Minnesota U.S. Sen. Eugene McCarthy. The film has aired on PBS stations throughout the country. It can be streamed free at and is available on Amazon Prime ( The film was nominated for a regional Emmy© in 2017.

Hahn has nearly 20 years experience as a public relations, media outreach and crisis communications expert, uniquely shaping messages for targeted audiences and generating extensive media coverage.

As a journalist, producer and filmmaker, Hahn has conducted thousands of interviews, including some with individuals such as former Gov. Jesse Ventura, Sir Richard Branson, Sam Donaldson, Gov. Jerry Brown and Jeff Gordon. He has also appeared in numerous television, radio and print interviews to share his views on and insights into multiple topics.

Hahn has also: published various newspapers, including The Midwest Wine Connection; authored two mystery novels, The Funeral Home Murders and Robbob For Governor; hosted and produced a weekly auto racing television show called “The Race Show”; produced the top-rated “Good Morning Show” on WCCO-Radio in Minneapolis/St. Paul; recorded and produced the song “Romero,” a tribute to slain Salvadoran Archbishop Oscar Romero (,

Born and raised in Winona, Minnesota, Hahn lives in St. Paul with his two sons and is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame.